Return and Refund Policy

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Here, you can see the most important Returns and Refund policies. For any other questions, contact us on Instagram!

Order Cancellation

Resend Policy

Returns Policy

Full refund

All orders can be cancelled within 1 hour from completion of the order and you receive full refund. However, the orders will process after 24 hrs and they can not be cancelled anymore*.

*The refund amount does not includes the bank processing fee.

Free Resend

If you have received your item broken, simply take a picture on the same day, send us on Instagram, and we send a new item to you 100% free of charge! No need to send the items back to us, you can keep it 🙂 

Full Support

If you are unsatisfied with your items, we provide you a returns shipping address and you can return it. We will issue a new one for you 100% free of charge.*

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Lariall has provided a wide range of service for customers and you can enjoy your shopping in peace without being worried of your selections. You always have your guaranteed support from our team.

Sheni Godri

Director and Sales Manager