Korean Fashion Zircon Flash Diamond Sun Flower Earrings





This kind of jewelry does not need to use very expensive maintenance water for maintenance, as long as it avoids acid, alkali and humid environment.
Humid environment includes: do not wear when bathing, wash your face, do not wear when sweating a lot, and wipe dry with a thousand cloth before storage.
One thousand desiccant should be placed in the jewelry box where the jewelry is placed; when the artificial jewelry is not worn, it should be placed in the jewelry box in time.


Style: Simple
Material: Imitation zircon
Treatment process: electroplating
Type: Earrings
Style: Women’s
Modeling: geometric
Packaging: Individually packed
Applicable gift-giving occasions: travel souvenirs, weddings, employee welfare, students
Inlay material: not inlay
Color: silver
Material: Alloy
Features: Fashion

Additional information

Weight 22.0 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 20 cm



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